The realization of the glacier we are up against is becoming more daunting, frightening and real by the day. I go through moments of calm to numb to nervous, all underlined by uncertainty, and admittedly with a glass or two of whiskey lately. 
Over the years many of you asked about submitting your poems to us to publish and there have been several instances where we wish we had the time to do so. Between our own output and tours it’s not entirely possible, yet, though one day we would love to open the door to more book releases.
So.. With an aim toward positive productivity, I want to offer an outlet to you, who may also find solace in writing, who may also be in need of an outlet, a medium. 
We are going to be posting video poems as often as we can to the Heartworm media outlets. If you are a writer, full time, part time, starting now, and would like to submit a video of you reading a poem of yours, please do so, and we will post some of them and link readers/viewers back to you. Simply record yourself and email your reading to 

Please remember to include your info in the email, namely name/title/and social media handle etc. The only rule is it has to be yours. Don’t be shy, there isn’t so much time for that. Our goal is to continue injecting the world with light however how beautiful or ugly that may be. 
To view the poems already featured click HERE.
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