Cold Cave - The Idea of Love - 7" Picture Disc


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The latest from Cold Cave. A 7" picture disc called The Idea Of Love b/w Rue The Day. Available in an edition of 500 copies to coincide with our upcoming performance schedule and we are offering a limited amount available for pre-order and reserving most copies to be available at shows. The Idea Of Love is Cold Cave at it's most passionate, coolest, punkest and rawest, recalling the early primitive recordings that made up the Cremations release, even using much of the same salvaged and battered thrift store equipment as used on those early recordings. It should be clear by now that Cold Cave is existing in their own world, releasing music in any format and at any time they choose. An evolution by it's own rules, laughing happily outside of the tired norm of music industry convention.  

"The veils are thinner than ever on the latest Cold Cave single. Tracing the lines of your palm, telling you what's to come while reminding you of the sounds that led you here in the first place. The dreamlands you first arrive to may be a nightmare after all. Leather jackets, narrow red lit hallways and strangers hands lead you down. Forever. Waking up in a foreign room with the windows blacked out. Implog, Chrome, Metal Urbain stick out of the records that litter the floor. There's a Genet paperback on the nightstand resting with a bottle of wine and an ashtray overflowing with lipstick stained filters. Hiroshima Mon Amour plays on the TV and you suddenly realize there's a mannequin sleeping besides you. The restless energy of Cremations lingers around like an old ghost you can't kick while you nervously wait for the sun to rise. Falling in love while breaking hearts in the same moment." - Max G. Morton

2 song Picture Disc 7" - 
Side A: The Idea of Love
Side B: Rue the Day
Edition of 500
Heartworm #66

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