Gerten C/S


Heartworm is proud to release a cassette EP by Moscow's GERTEN. 

Gerten combines analog synth minimalism via the Russian underground. Gerten is a cross-genre synth band whose members Eugene Gin (vocals, lyrics) and Dee Grinski (synthesizers) and Constantine Morkovin (guitar, drums) are very active in various projects in Moscow.

Gerten's sound is based on many different styles of electronic/synth/industrial music and has no restrictive frames by means of a multi-instrumentalist approach. Philosophical and poetic backgrounds have led them to researches of the gloomy sides of morals, traditions, and existence. Inspired by post-modern philosophy, marginal art of 60-x and 70-x, manifesto of surrealism and Russian avant-garde, they move from one extreme to another and between them.

7 songs including a Screamers cover.

Limited to 100 copies. Comes with digital download code.

Heartworm #73

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