Max G. Morton - 'The Devil's Music'


The return of love and hate. These are the portals we find ourselves in during the struggle of finding  balance. A spell to set the modern world on fire. Summoning old, new, borrowed and blue energies of the Apocalypse Junkyard, The Devil's Music is for the heroes in black. A love letter dedicated to the Rock n Roll Outlaws and Indestructible Wolves of the underworld. 

127 page perfect bound book containing 14 stories for the New Year. The journey begins with rebirth in a log cabin. Drenched and detoxing in southern woods to eventually end up decades later in Los Angeles, where another rebirth is long overdue. Along the way we encounter the usual outcasts who glow best under neon and smoke. Sometimes bad nights are needed to eventually find a good morning. 

Max G. Morton is the acclaimed author of sought after and cult books such as Indestructible Wolves Of The Apocalypse Junkyard, Looking ForThe Magic, and Crossroads.

Designed by Random Embassy. Printed by the Prolific Group.

Edition of 500

Heartworm #72 

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