Heartworm Reader Issue No.2

We are happy to announce that the Heartworm Reader Issue No.2, featuring 100 entries by 25 different contributors is available to order now

The late Mark Lanegan and Jeffrey Lee Pierce grace the covers as photographed by Steve Gullick and Laura Levine. 

Contributor List: Blixa Bargeld - Steven Jesse Bernstein - D. Randall Blythe - Simon & Bronwyn Bonney - Parker Love Bowling - Richard Denner - Craig Dyer - Wesley Eisold - Shannon Funchess - Kurt Heasley - Kristin Hersh - Harry Huntington - David Coppin Lanegan - Mark Lanegan - Amy Lee - Thurston Moore - Daniel Moro - Jeffrey Lee Pierce - William Pym - Geoff Rickly - Jim Ruland - Emma Ruth Rundle - Jeremy Szuder - Colin H. Van Eeckhout - Steve Von Till

This was over a year in the making and an absolute honor to curate. I hope that you'll enjoy these pieces from both new and legendary authors.

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