Music for Ghosts
Christopher Locke NYQ Books

Music for Ghosts





Fecha de lanzamiento

May 2022


NYQ Books


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5.5 x 0.17 x 7.5"

Christopher Locke's new collection of poetry MUSIC FOR GHOSTS is a visceral testament to youth and hubris, erasure and forgiveness. The heart of these poems straddle the space between the personal and the universally lived, where the past can shatter our best intentions at love, while the future holds us wanting at the precipice of joy. From his Pentecostal childhood to the blazing religion of punk rock, Locke caromed straight into the void of addiction, even as marriage and fatherhood hinted at something better. But in spite of loss, or maybe because of it, Locke remains steadfast in his quest to seek fearlessly and intentionally, reclaiming every light offered in hope's name.