Nite Flights
The Walker Brothers GTO

Nite Flights

Lista de pistas

  1. Shutout
  2. Fat Mama Kick
  3. Nite Flights
  4. The Electrician
  5. Death Of Romance
  6. Den Haague
  7. Rhythms Of Vision
  8. Disciples Of Death
  9. Fury And The Fire
  10. Child Of Flames


12" Vinyl

Fecha de lanzamiento



Nite Flights is the sixth and final studio album by the Walker Brothers, released in July 1978 by GTO Records. Unlike their previous two albums which consisted almost entirely of cover versions, each member of the group wrote songs for Nite Flights; two by Gary Walker with Scott Walker and John Walker each contributing four. "The Electrician" was released as a single from the album. The four Scott-penned tracks were released on that year's Shutout EP.

Nite Flights was the last album the trio recorded as a group, although the structure of the album, effectively split into three sections in which each member writes and sings, has led to both critics and band members describing it as more akin to three miniature solo albums than a true group album.