On The Tarot - Le Monde Primitif
Antoine Court de Gebelin & the Count of Mellet Ouroboros Press

On The Tarot - Le Monde Primitif






Ouroboros Press


13.2 oz


4.25” x 7”
By Antoine Court de Gebelin and the Count of Mellet
Translated by Dantzel Cenatiempo
Introduction by Naha Armady
Sewn hard-cover in printed dust jacket
120 pages, engravings ( small 8vo ) 4.25” x 7”
  • Source text on the history of Tarot
  • Engravings reproduced from an original edition of 1787
  • Quality bookmaking for beauty and longevity
  • The First Edition is Limited to 1,500 copies

Referring to it as the Book of Destiny, Antoine Court de Gebelin published the first documented essays on the Tarot in his multi-volume French encyclopedia Le Monde Primitif in 1787. The ideas expressed on the Tarot as a book of wisdom or mystical repository, sometimes known as the Book of Thoth, was quoted by many proponents of the esoteric tradition; William Wynn Westcott, Papus, Eliphas Levi, A.E.Waite, Paul Foster Case and Manly P. Hall among them.

This complete English translation provides an important text in the history and use of the Tarot to scholars and diviners of the western esoteric tradition.