Psychoanalysis: A Very Short Introduction
Daniel Pick Oxford University Press

Psychoanalysis: A Very Short Introduction





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Since its inception, psychoanalysis has been hailed as a revolutionary theory of how the mind works, and some of its ideas have inspired art, literature, and film, and become part of everyday conversation. Psychoanalysis: A Very Short Introduction offers a wide-ranging survey and offers insights into the therapeutic potential of the psychoanalytic method that Sigmund Freud pioneered. It shows how ideas about the unconscious have been applied, sets out various criticisms of the psychoanalytic procedure, and considers how both practice and theory have evolved since Freud. This VSI assesses the particular challenges now facing the psychoanalytic profession, and shows why psychoanalysis remains an important body of theory, a unique resource for investigating the mind and its many afflictions, and a powerful form of therapeutic treatment.