Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind
Vashti Bunyan FatCat

Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind

Lista de pistas

  1. Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind
  2. I Want To Be Alone
  3. Train Song
  4. Love Song
  5. Winter Is Blue
  6. Coldest Night Of The Year
  7. I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind
  8. Winter Is Blue
  9. Girl's Song In Winter
  10. If In Winter (100 Lovers)
  11. Wishwanderer
  12. Don't Believe
  13. 17 Pink Sugar Elephants
  14. I Won't Say
  15. Girl's Song In Winter (Alt. Version)
  16. If In Winter (100 Lovers) (Alt. Version)
  17. I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind (Alt. Version)
  18. Autumn Leaves
  19. Leave Me
  20. If In Winter (100 Lovers)
  21. How Do I Know
  22. Find My Heart Again
  23. Go Before Dawn
  24. Girl's Song In Winter
  25. I Don't Know What Love Is
  26. Don't Believe What They Say
  27. Love You Now
  28. I Know
  29. Someday


12" Vinyl

Fecha de lanzamiento

October 2007


Vashti Bunyan will always be most known for her 1970 album Just Another Diamond Day, a big cult favorite among some folk-rock fans, and her 2005 comeback Lookaftering. She did, however, release a couple obscure singles in the mid-'60s, as well as doing quite a few unreleased studio and demo recordings around the same time.

This 25-track collection couldn't be bettered as a thorough sweep of her material from this era, including both sides of her two mid-'60s 45s; three tracks from singles that went unreleased; demos and tapes from 1966-1967; and a good dozen tracks from a 1964 tape that Bunyan found in her brother's attic decades later. As interesting as these are to Bunyan fans, it does show a talent that's still in fairly embryonic shape.