For All The Fucked-Up Children
Spacemen 3 Superior Viaduct

For All The Fucked-Up Children

Lista de pistas

  1. Things'll Never Be The Same
  2. 2:35
  3. Walkin' With Jesus
  4. T.V. Catastrophe
  5. Fixin' To Die
  6. Things'll Never Be The Same (alt mix)
  7. Walkin' With Jesus


12" Vinyl


Superior Viaduct
In 1984, Spacemen 3 made their first-ever recording session and sold a few cassettes at now-legendary, incendiary gigs. Growing out of the dual guitar attack of Jason Pierce and Pete Kember, the band’s three-piece line up with Natty Brooker on drums offered a liturgical take on ’60s psychedelia, bare-knuckle blues and stunning feedback.

This early glimpse into the Spacemen 3 cosmos—crafted by and for all the fucked-up children of this world—captures the band’s unorthodox approach to rock ’n’ roll with nuance and power. While the raw atavism of “Things’ll Never Be The Same” and “Walkin’ With Jesus” would be scaled back considerably on later recordings, the one-chord propulsion of “T.V. Catastrophe” and hardwired stomping of “Fixing To Die” draw from a primitive force that served as the impetus for the group’s formation.