The Monday Rhetoric of the Love Club - Marvin Cohen
Marvin Cohen New Directions

The Monday Rhetoric of the Love Club





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January 1973


New Directions


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“Marvin Cohen’s wacky humor,” the late Thomas Merton once said, “has something of ’Thurber, something of Steinberg, Buster Keaton, the surrealists, the French pataphysicians.” And this in itself is a fair enough assessment, to say the very least, of The Monday Rhetoric of the Love Club, a collection of twenty-one of the prolific Cohen’s parables, prose poems, fables, and dialogues. Two of the pieces, including the title story, originally appeared in the New Directions in Prose and Poetry series; most of the others were selected from the many other magazines and anthologies in England and the United States in which Cohen’s shorter works have been published.