A Brief History Of Amazing Letdowns
Lilys Frontier Records

A Brief History Of Amazing Letdowns


12" Vinyl

Release date

February 2021


Frontier Records


12 oz
Lilys' classic from 1994, "A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns," has more songs and expanded audio fidelity, creating a longer, more exciting full-frequency listening experience than previously available. A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns is, in places, haunting with an atmospherically delicate sense of melody and musical production for those that love slightly wistful, slightly melancholic songs.
Completely unlike any other Lilys album: instantly catchy and concise. These recordings, made in Philadelphia between 1993-94, present what Kurt Heasley, Lilys' frontman, founder, and sole constant member, terms as "a maximum listen, that properly represents the transitional phase" between the 1992 Slumberland Lilys debut In the Presence of Nothing and 1995's Eccsame the Photon Band. The opening guitar riff and drums of "Ginger" became widely recognized in the mid-nineties through use in the notorious CK1 Commercial, as part of Calvin Klein's Unisex fragrance ad campaign, once playing constantly on late night TV in the USA. "Ginger" has even been touted as the first Indie rock song ever used in corporate advertising. "Any Place I've Lived" is heard during the closing credits of the 2006 film, Keeping Up With the Steins.