Alchemy The Poetry of Matter
Brian Cotnoir Khepri Press

Alchemy The Poetry of Matter





Release date

January 2017


Khepri Press


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5.25” x 8.25”
By Brian Cotnoir
Book design by Laura Captan
Paperback Edition
172 pages, illustrated ( 8vo ) 5.25” x 8.25”
  • Two-color printing throughout
  • New Translations of the Emerald Tablet

This Enlightening Book on Alchemy is the Fruit of 30 Years Work with the Emerald Tablet.

Alchemy: The Poetry of Matter is an alchemical book rather than a book about alchemy. It is full of practice and experiment and perhaps a puzzle or an enigma. Its intent is to inspire curiosity about another way of knowing.
Alchemy is the art and science of bringing something to its final perfection, or its completion, much as a work of art is completed or perfected. And so, at heart it is about creation, creator, and creativity. Rooted in the Alexandrian alchemical tradition and working from a new translation of the Emerald Tablet, Alchemy: The Poetry of Matter is the author’s personal exploration of the union of material and non-material alchemical practice, that is of physical alchemy and inner alchemy. Engaging the Way of the Philosopher, and through direct experimentation, several areas are investigated in light of the Emerald TabletChrysopoiea, the Green Lion, the Quintessence and Aurum potabile.

Unique to the book are five new translations of the earliest extant manuscripts of the Emerald Tablet, as well as translations of John of Rupescissa’s and Arnald of Villanova’s writings on the quintessence of wine and gold.