Broadcast - Tender Buttons
Broadcast Warp Records

Tender Buttons

Track List

  • I Found the F
  • Black Cat
  • Tender Buttons
  • America's Boy
  • Tears in the Typing Pool
  • Corporeal
  • Bit 35
  • Arc of a Journey
  • Michael a Grammar
  • Subject to the Ladder
  • Minus 3
  • Goodbye Girls
  • You and Me in Time
  • I Found the End


12" Vinyl

Release date

September 2005


Warp Records


0.5 lb


Tender Buttons is the third studio album by British indie electronic band Broadcast. Following the departure of several bandmembers, the album was recorded largely as the core duo of Trish Keenan and James Cargill, and as such is considered to have a rawer and more stripped back sound than previous Broadcast releases.