Chairs Missing
Wire Superior Viaduct

Chairs Missing

Track List

1. PracticeMakesPerfect
2.  French Film Blurred 

3.  Another The Letter 

4.  Men 2nd 

5.  Marooned 

6.  Sand In My Joints
7.  Being Sucked In Again
8.  Heartbeat
9.  Mercy 

10. Outdoor Miner 

11.  I AmTheFly 

12.  I Feel Mysterious Today 

13.  From The Nursery 

14.  Used To 

15.  Too Late 


12" VInyl


Superior Viaduct

1978’s Chairs Missing is the second album by Wire and represented perhaps the biggest conceptual leap made during this period of Wire and was widely misunderstood at the time yet it remains, to the band and production crew Wire’s favorite ’70s album. If Pink Flag proposed an almost cut and paste approach to deconstructing rock history, Chairs Missing proposed something more radical, a definite futurism with much less influence from it’s antecedents.

Chairs Missing was at once more stark and more lush than it’s predecessor and has exerted it’s own influence on the course of cultural history, having laid down one of the earliest (if not the earliest) blueprints for the genuinely post-punk aesthetic.