Cold Cave - Cremations - Test Press


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Test Press for the Cold Cave Cremations Picture Disc 12" released in 2014 by Heartworm Press.

Edition of 5.

A1 Sex Ads 
A2 I've Seen The Future And It's No Place For Me 
A3 Always Someone
A4 An Understanding 
A5 First Fit 
A6 Heavenly Metals
A7 Poison Berries 
A8 Roman Skirts 
A9 Gates 
B1 Cursed By The Cross 
B2 Mag Dreams 
B3 In A Cave 
B4 Love Lets Go 
B5 Chrissie Sally 
B6 Of All The Summer Murders 
B7 Hummingbirds 
B8 Rainbow Girls 
B9 Love You Forever 
B10 Swallow The Sun 
B11 E Dreams