Full Cold Moon (2023 Reissue)
Cold Cave Heartworm Press

Full Cold Moon (2023 Reissue)

Track List

  1. A Little Death To Laugh 
  2. Young Prisoner Dreams of Romance 
  3. Tristan Corbiére
  4. Oceans With No End 
  5. People Are Poison
  6. God Made the World 
  7. Dandelion
  8. Black Boots
  9. Meaningful Life 
  10. Nausea, the Earth and Me 
  11. Theme From Tomorrowland
  12. Now That I'm In The Future
  13. Don't Blow Up the Moon 
  14. Beaten 1979 


12" Vinyl

Release date

June 2023

Release number

Heartworm #104


Heartworm Press

Pressed on 180 gram vinyl.

Available on Black Ice Moon Phase vinyl limited to 500 copies.

Full Cold Moon is a compilation of EP recordings originally individually released in 2014 and now reissued on heavyweight 180 gram vinyl by Heartworm Press.

The record includes the “A Little Death to Laugh”, “Oceans With No End”, “God Made the World”, “Black Boots”, and “Nausea, the Earth and Me” EP's. Notably this is also the first vinyl appearance of the song “Dandelion” as well as the entire “Nausea, the Earth and Me” EP .

Having relocated from NYC to Los Angeles, Wesley Eisold was at a spiritual and creative crossroads and decided to return to the projects minimal and isolated recorded beginnings after touring for the previous Cherish the Light Years album. Thus, this is Cold Cave at its most artistically skeletal, similar to the celebrated “Cremations” and “Love Comes Close” releases. Twelve minimal compositions driven by Eisold’s synth derived hooks, alluring vocals, and compelling character.