Primal Scream - Evil Heat
Primal Scream Sony

Evil Heat (Import)

Track List

  1. Deep Hit of Morning Sun
  2. Miss Lucifer
  3. Autobahn 66
  4. Detroit
  5. Rise
  6. Lord Is My Shotgun
  7. City
  8. Some Velvet Morning
  9. Skull X
  10. A Scanner Darkly
  11. Spaces Blues Number 2


12" Vinyl




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One of our top albums of all time.

Evil Heat is the seventh studio album by Primal Scream. It was first released on 5 August 2002 in the United Kingdom by Columbia Records and on 26 November 2002 in the United States by Epic Records. Musically, its forms a link between two of the band's previous albums: the aggressive protest of XTRMNTR, and the acid house psychedelia of Screamadelica.