Field Songs
Mark Lanegan Beggars Banquet

Field Songs

Track List

  1. One Way Street
  2. No Easy Action
  3. Miracle
  4. Pill Hill Serenade
  5. Don't Forget Me
  6. Kimiko's Dream House
  7. Resurrection Song
  8. Field Song
  9. Low
  10. Blues For D
  11. She Done Too Much
  12. Fix


12" Vinyl


Beggars Banquet


12 oz
Field Songs is the fifth solo album by Mark Lanegan, released in 2001 on the Beggars Banquet label. The album represents a departure of sorts for the singer. While retaining the acoustic atmosphere of his previous solo efforts, Field Songs incorporates Middle Eastern influences as well as experimental musical landscapes. Lanegan's gravelly, gin-soaked vocals on "Don't Forget Me" and "Fix" is balanced out by his delicate delivery featured on "Kimiko's Dream House" and "Pill Hill Serenade."

In his 2017 book I Am the Wolf: Lyrics and Writings, Lanegan says of Field Songs: I consider the finished album to be one of my best, and it contains some of my favorite songs: "Don't Forget Me," in which I flat-out took the melody and phrasing from an Israeli folk song and was immediately busted for it by fans when it was released; "One Way Street," which has been a constant in my set lists since the day it came out; and "No Easy Action," which I wrote after reading two stories in the newspaper one morning... "Kimiko's Dream House" was a gift from my favorite singer, friend, and mentor Jeffrey Lee Pierce. He gave me the music and half the lyrics and said, "Finish it."