Hard Times + Crawl / Covers
Laughing Hyenas Third Man

Hard Times + Crawl / Covers

Track List

Hard Times

  1. Just Can't Win
  2. Hard Time Blues
  3. You're So Cool
  4. Stay
  5. Slump
  6. Home Of The Blues
  7. Each Dawn I Die
  8. Shine


  1. Crawl
  2. Living In Darkness
  3. Walk
  4. Girl


  1. Solid Gold Hell
  2. I Want You Right Now
  3. Under My Thumb
  4. Serves Me Right To Suffer


12" Vinyl

Release date

June 2020


Third Man

By the time the Laughing Hyenas went back into the studio, Kevin Strickland and Jim Kimball had left to form Mule and had left John and Larissa without a rhythm section. Many people thought this marked the end of the band. Not the case. Todd Swalla (founding member of Necros) stepped in on drums and Kevin Ries on bass. Todd is a much more subtle timekeeper than Jim and Ries had no problem locking in with him, but stayed in the background a little more than Strickland leaving Larissa to take up a little more of the slack. She rises to the occasion, her leads a bit more melodic than before, although still blanketed in a sheet of noise. Brannon’s anguished vocals will still peel the paint of the walls and over the new slightly toned down direction, somehow seem even more extreme. Crawl is notably the only of the Hyenas records recorded in Detroit at White Room Studios.