The Psychic Soviet
Ian F. Svenonius Akashic

The Psychic Soviet





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July 2020




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An anthology of both new and previously published essays and articles from one of the mainstays of the Washington, DC underground rock-and-roll scene, The Psychic Soviet is the most complete collection of writings by Ian Svenonius. The selections are written in a scholarly yet engaging , filled with parody and biting humor that subvert capitalist culture, and cover such topics as the ascent of the DJ as a star, the “cosmic depression” that followed the defeat of the USSR, and the status of rock and roll as a religion. The pocket-sized book is bound with a durable bright-pink plastic cover, recalling the aesthetics of Mao’s The Little Red Book, and perfect for carrying into the fray of street battle, classroom, or lunch counter argument.

About the author

Ian F. Svenonius

Ian F Svenonius is an American author, musician, and singer of various Washington, D.C.-based bands including Nation of Ulysses, The Make-Up, Weird War, XYZ, Escape-ism, and Chain and The Gang.

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