Kevin Cummins - Joy Division - Postcard Box Set

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Rare and sold out everywhere. This special edition box set features 20 of Cummins' legendary Joy Division images, reproduced as postcards and presented in hand finished box - made in manchester.

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A look at one of the most iconic rock bands of all time. Joy Division pioneered a genre of music and defined the look and sound of the post-punk era, and thirty years after the suicide of their lead singer Ian Curtis, they remain one of the most influential rock bands to have come out of England. Between their infamous live performances and two studio albums in the late 1970s, Joy Division set the Manchester scene alight, established Factory Records as the most influential label in pop music, and recorded some of the most enduring songs of the era. Kevin Cummins began his career just as the band formed, and for the few short years of their career was given closer access to them than any other photographer. This postcard box set collects 20 of his images of the band—sensitive photographs that capture their quiet introspection offstage, their close relationships as bandmates, and Curtis’s legendary energy in live

Kevin Cummins is the definitive chronicler of Manchester music. His photographs have appeared in the NME, Melody Maker, The Face, Mojo, and Rolling Stone, and his work has been exhibited at galleries around the world.

This postcard box set feature 20 of these classic images, presented in a hand finished box - made in Manchester.