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August 2020


Walther König


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8.4 x 0.4 x 11.7 "

A career retrospective on a punk collagist who has defied the confines of career.

The art of Linder (born 1954) made its public debut not in galleries but in punk fanzines and as art for the sleeve of the Buzzcocks' first single, "Orgasm Addict." Accompanying the first in-depth survey of Linder’s work in the UK, Linderism reproduces works from across her career, from her punk collages to her recent work, and offers four new perspectives on her wide-ranging practice by James Boaden, Alyce Mahon, Amy Tobin and Sarah Victoria Turner.

The essays address Linder’s early photomontages forged in the crucible of punk and postpunk culture in the North-West of England, as well as more recent shifts in her practice encompassing spirituality, the occult and the surreal. Linderism includes extensive documentation of working drawings and research images―the materials that have long formed the basis of her practice―as well as documentation of works included in the survey exhibition.

About the author

Linder Sterling

Linder Sterling is a British artist known for her photography, radical feminist photomontage and confrontational performance art. Emerging from the Manchester punk and post-punk scenes in the 1970s, Sterling focuses on questions of gender, commodity and display. 

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