Live At St. Helens Technical College 1981
The Fall Castle Face

Live At St. Helens Technical College 1981

Track List

  1. Blob '59
  2. Prole Art Threat
  3. Jawbone And The Air Rifle
  4. Middle Mass
  5. Rowche Rumble
  6. An Older Lover
  7. City Hobgoblins
  8. Leave The Capitol
  9. The NWRA
  10. Gramme Friday
  11. Fit And Working Again
  12. Slates, Slags, Etc.
  13. Muzorewi's Daughter



Release date



Castle Face
This recording resurfaced by BBC Radio 6 presenter and former Fall bassist Marc Riley. As he told Rolling Stone, he discovered the bootleg set on Twitter and brought it to Castle Face label head John Dwyer to set up an official release. Half of all proceeds from the release will be donated to Centrepoint, a UK-based organization providing housing and support for unhoused young people in London, Manchester, and other cities.