Low-Life (Import)
New Order Rhino Records

Low-Life (Import)

Track List

  1. Love Vigilantes
  2. The Perfect Kiss
  3. This Time of Night
  4. Sunrise
  5. Elegia
  6. Sooner Than You Think
  7. Sub-Culture
  8. Face Up


12" Vinyl


Rhino Records


12 oz

The classic third studio album, originally released in 1985 on Factory records and now remastered on 180g vinyl.

This is where New Order truly came into its own. Dance rhythms and innovative synth textures give 1985's Low-Life a springy step not found in Joy Division, nor in New Order's debut; they wear happiness well. The doom and gloom of previous records is tempered by a hopeful sense of yearning, and the harmonica-led anti-war ballad "Love Vigilantes" branches into tragicomedy. The club hit "The Perfect Kiss" is as good for karaoke as it is for dancing, and the stately "Elegia" is a masterfully ambivalent mood piece.