Mark Lanegan - Straight Songs Of Sorrow (Ltd. Ed - Double Clear Vinyl) 2xLP


When considering any great work of art, be it a painting, a novel, or a piece of music, it’s natural to wonder what might have inspired it: ‘the story behind the song’. Mark Lanegan’s new album, Straight Songs Of Sorrow, flips that equation.

Here are 15 songs inspired by a story: his life story, as documented by his own hand in his new memoir, Sing Backwards And WeepStraight Songs Of Sorrow combines musical trace elements from early Mark Lanegan albums with the synthesized constructs of later work including the psychotic opener "I Wouldn’t Want To Say."

Featuring guests John Paul Jones, Warren Ellis, Greg Dulli, Simon Bonney, Wesley Eisold, Jack Bates, Adrian Utley, Mark Morton,  and Ed Harcourt.