Miguel Trillo: Madrid in the Early 80s
Miguel Trillo La Fábrica

Miguel Trillo: Madrid in the Early 80s





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May 2021


La Fábrica


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Spanish artist Miguel Trillo (born 1954) is considered one of the primary documentarians of La movida madrileña, the countercultural youth movement that sprang to life after the death of Francisco Franco in 1975. In the early 1980s, he compiled his photographs of the music scene―featuring portraits of mods, punks and rockers, among others―into his first zine, Rockocó. His second publication, Callejones y avenidas, focused on what Trillo himself describes as “calm portraits of restless nights,” continuing to flesh out the various cliques and communities that existed as part of the underground cultural ecosystem.

This publication gathers the original photographs and models from the two zines, and provides readers with a glimpse into a fascinating moment of hedonism and creativity.