Vauxhall & I (Import)
Morrissey Warner

Vauxhall & I (Import)

Track List

  1. Now My Heart Is Full
  2. Spring-Heeled Jim
  3. Billy Budd
  4. Hold On to Your Friends
  5. The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get
  6. Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself
  7. I Am Hated for Loving
  8. Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning
  9. Used to Be a Sweet Boy
  10. The Lazy Sunbathers
  11. Speedway



12" Vinyl



A pinnacle of Morrissey's career and highlights what the world has loved him for, with his voice and lyrics and melodies in peak form. Vauxhall contains the anthems Now My Heart is Full, The More You Ignore Me..., and Speedway