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Morrissey's Manchester





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Lyrically unique, Morrissey saw post-industrial Manchester differently. Where most recognised the derelict remains of a Victorian powerhouse, he saw humour, where others saw post-industrial squalor, he felt the frisson of romance. As a result Manchester became as much a part of The Smiths' output as the guitars, drums and vocals. As their fame grew, strangers in far-away lands wondered about the location of the ‘Cemetry Gates’ or the setting of ‘Vicar in a Tutu.'

Unusually, these places still exist and provide the devotee with places of pilgrimage - could Manchester offer anything else?

In the first edition of this guidebook, Phill Gatenby set out three tours covering 20 or more sites that either featured in The Smiths music or were fundamental to their development as a band - from early rehearsal spaces to the scene of their most memorable gigs. Now updated, Morrissey’s Manchester has added new places to visit, more lyrical references and more background information on one of the world's most influential bands.

However the most fundamental change any reader/visitor will notice are the continual changes to Manchester itself - a city in perpetual flux. Since the first edition venues have either been demolished, refurbished or shorn of their identity - hence the need for an update. Now containing 40 new images, an improved layout, a revised map of the city centre, Morrissey's Manchester has been fully updated.