Heroine: Manchester Library Theatre 1980 (Clear Vinyl)
Nico Tiger Bay

Heroine: Manchester Library Theatre 1980 (Clear Vinyl)

Track List

  1. My Heart Is Empty
  2. Procession
  3. All Tomorrow's Parties
  4. Valley of the Kings
  5. The Sphinx
  6. We've Got the Gold
  7. Mütterlein
  8. Innocent and Vain
  9. Afraid
  10. Frozen Warnings
  11. Fearfully
  12. Tananore
  13. Femme Fatale
  14. Reich Der Traume (Bonus Track)



12" Vinyl


Tiger Bay
The former Velvet Underground's chanteuse Nico performs at the Manchester Library Theatre in 1980. An incredible collection of some of her most haunting songs is included her in this 14 track acoustic album. From the stirring a cappella version of "All Tomorrow's Parties", to some of the pieces included in Nico's gem "Camera Obscura", the album is a journey into her distinctive profound vocals, the enchanting voice and her impenetrable lyrics.
About the artist


Nico was a German singer, songwriter, musician, model, and actress known for her solo records as well as her work with Andy Warhol and The Velvet Underground.

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