Nick Cave - No More Shall We Part (UK import)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Mute / BMG

No More Shall We Part (UK Import)

Track List

  1. As I Sat Sadly By Her Side
  2. And No More Shall We Part
  3. Hallelujah
  4. Love Letter
  5. Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow
  6. God Is In The House
  7. Oh My Lord
  8. Sweetheart Come
  9. The Sorrowful Wife
  10. We Came Along This Road
  11. Gates To The Garden
  12. Darker With The Day


12" Vinyl


Mute / BMG


1.15 lb
No More Shall We Part contains a greater wealth of musical invention and lyrical intelligence in its 68 minutes than most acts manage in an entire career. Cave is not merely in a different league from most of his peers; he's scarcely even playing the same game. No More sees a renewed emphasis on the virtuosity of Cave's longtime backing band, the Bad Seeds. The Seeds decorate the sprawling ballads on No More Shall We Part with aplomb, helped on several tracks by the crystalline harmonies of folk singers Kate and Anna McGarrigle. Cave's lyrical preoccupations remain constant--God, love (and the loss thereof), and death. As ever, Cave deals with these themes with great agility and imagination, and, as ever, he is funnier than he is generally given credit for.