Peter Sotos - Total Abuse - Book


Published by Goat To Hell in 1995,

Great condition with minor some shelf wear. Unread copy.

Total Abuse compiles Soto's writings from 1984-1995 including Pure, Tool and Parasite plus much more.

WARNING: This book contains extremely unpleasant material described with unremittingly graphic precision. It would be a darkly humorous understatement to say that this collection is not intended for the squeamish.

Peter Sotos is the world's foremost practitioner of verbal brutality. His words achieve a nearly inconceivable level of intensity while offering the most cohesive, insightful commentary on pornography currently available. And he serves it up without detached, hypocritical hand-wringing or the sticky postmodern safety net of camp humor. Devotees of blandly moralistic “true crime” writing and pockmarked collectors of “horror” fiction won't find much to suit their tastes here.

Total Abuse contains a brief introduction by Jim Goad and an extensive interview with Peter Sotos. WARNING: TOTAL ABUSE is not for the squeamish!!!