Polaroid Go Film - Black Frame Double Pack

Polaroid Go Film - Black Frame Double Pack


2.623 x 2.122 in

16 iconic Polaroid frames, but tiny—cute, huh? This little film is ready to capture your big ideas.

Black Frame Edition film comes to the Polaroid Go family, meaning maximum drama for minimum fuss. The classic photographer’s choice, these matte-black frames create an arthouse effect with striking, dramatic contrast that kicks.

  • Color instant film
  • Black frame
  • 16 photos per pack
  • Battery-free
  • ASA: 640
  • Size
    Format: 2.623 x 2.122 in (66.6 mm x 53.9 mm)
    Image area: 1.851 x 1.811 in (47 mm x 46 mm)
  • Development time: 10-15 minutes
  • Compatible only with the Polaroid Go camera