Intro: The Gift Recordings

Intro: The Gift Recordings



Release date

April 2024

Limited blue colored vinyl.

This collection, originally released in October 1993, just prior to the band's Island debut, includes all the singles Pulp recorded for Gift Records, including both the A- and B-sides. From the opening track, Space, Pulp's confidence and talent for creating terrific pop singles - is in evidence. Songs such as U. , Razzamatazz and Babies showcase their signature sound - tight pop melodies and a theatrical approach that echoes the art rock of Roxy Music and David Bowie, but with their unique twist.

The compilation includes the original single mix version of Babies, released in 1992, and slightly different from the 1994 version available on the album His 'n' Hers. Sheffield: Sex City, a three-part story, features a spoken vocal contribution from keyboardist Candida Doyle (one of the rare times her voice is audible on a Pulp song) reciting a selection from the book My Secret Garden by Nancy FridayRelease.

Exclusive RSD blue vinyl limited edition. Remastered at Abbey Road. Long out of print.