ROME-Selected Lyrics 2005-2015 by Jerome Reuter


ROME-Selected Lyrics 2005-2015 by Jerome Reuter. This chapbook collects fifteen of Reuter’s brilliant and unique lyrics spanning his recorded output and the words to one unreleased song. Reuter's lyrics are a personal favorite of ours and we are thrilled to present them in this medium. Edition of 200 copies, hand numbered. Heartworm #63 

Luxembourgish singer-songwriter Jerome Reuter founded ROME in 2005 and has since recorded and released many groundbreaking albums in the underground folk and post-industrial music world. ROME’s musical and lyrical world is genuinely unique, blending traditional songwriting craftsmanship, unorthodox arrangements and fine poetry into one impressive avant-garde package that combines post-punk, chanson, dark ambient, apocalyptic folk, martial industrial and cold wave. Over a series of remarkable concept albums, the Luxembourgish artist has developed a unique ‘poetry of longing’ which rings out from the dark melancholic mist of rootlessness and which gives expression to a unique brand of modern-day forlornness.

Reuter’s songs are rooted just as much in the tradition of his chansonier heroes like BREL and FERRÉ, as in the darker brands of (post-)industrial music culture. Rome’s lyrics are inspired by world literature from William Burroughs to Paul Bowles, from Peter Weiss to Ernst Jünger, from Camus to Genet. Reuter's frequent use of collage and sampling techniques serves to create a new kind of intertextuality of word and sound. The lyrical beauty of Reuter's compositions, the depths of his poetry and the complex experimental arrangements make ROME an unusually challenging musical experience.


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