The Perfect Prescription
Spacemen 3 Fire Records

The Perfect Prescription

Track List

  1. Take Me to the Other Side
  2. Walkin' with Jesus
  3. Ode to Street Hassle
  4. Ecstasy Symphony
  5. Transparent Radiation (Flashback)
  6. Feel So Good
  7. Things'll Never Be the Same
  8. Come Down Easy
  9. Call the Doctor



12" Vinyl


Fire Records
Spacemen 3's second album is a remarkable departure from the band's 1986 debut, Sound of Confusion. Reduced to a trio (guitarists / keyboardists Pete 'Sonic Boom' Kember, Jason 'Spaceman' Pierce, and bassist Pete Bassman) following the departure of the first album's drummer, Spacemen 3 makes an asset out of the newfound lack of percussion, giving the album a considerably less rock-oriented sound with much more open space in its varied, subtle arrangements.
About the artist

Spacemen 3

One of the most influential bands of the 80's British underground, Spacemen 3 were psychedelic in the loosest sense of the word; colorfully mind-altering guitar explorations that rely on heavily distorted guitars to clash and produce their own harmonic overtones, walls of distortion with over-amplified acoustic guitars and synths.

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