Sweet Dreams: The Story of the New Romantics
Dylan Jones Faber & Faber

Sweet Dreams: The Story of the New Romantics





Release date

October 2020


Faber & Faber


2.34 lbs


6.25 x 2 x 9.5 "
Sweet Dreams charts the British cultural explosion that happened in the ten years from 1975-1985 ― the rise of the New Romantics. Growing out of the remnants of the post-punk period, the New Romantics introduced club culture, ska, electronica, and goth to the world.

One of the most creative entrepreneurial periods since the Sixties, the era had a huge influence on the growth of broadcast media. Not only did it visually define the decade, it was the catalyst for the Second British Invasion, when the US charts would be colonized by British pop music, making it one of the most powerful cultural exports since the Beatles.