The Egyptian Book of the Dead: Deluxe Slip-Case Edition
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The Egyptian Book of the Dead: Deluxe Slip-Case Edition





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October 2019


Arcturus Publishing


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6.4 x 1.1 x 9.7 "

Deliver me from the Watchers who bear slaughtering knives, and who have cruel fingers.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead is an ancient collection of spells, prayers and incantations designed to guide the departed through the perils of the underworld, ultimately ensuring eternal life. Written as part of funeral rites, these scrolls were often left in the sarcophagus of the deceased and now offer fascinating insight into Egyptian culture.

This beautifully illustrated edition contains images from the exquisite
Papyrus of Ani, an ancient Egyptian scroll narrating the journey of Theban scribe Ani through the underworld. Its accompanying hieroglyphic text has been translated by acclaimed Egyptologist E.A Wallis Budge, and includes spells addressed to ferryman, gods and kings to aid Ani on his way to the afterlife.