The Language Of Black Holes (Signed Copies)
Mat McNerney Anthology Editions

The Language Of Black Holes (Signed Copies)





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Anthology Editions


5 oz


122 x 196 x 8 mm


Edition of 250

The Language Of Black Holes is the first book of poetry and lyrics from Mat McNerney, singer, songwriter, musician and visual artist from Hexvessel, Grave Pleasures, Beastmilk, Carpenter Brut, Dødheimsgard & Code. An initial limited self-press print run of 250 hardback copies on munken pure 120gsm paper, thread stitched, hand signed, the book is beautifully type set and laid out by Tilmann Benninghaus and consists of true outsider poetry written over the last 10/15 years on the road, unreleased lyrics and impressions of McNerney's life experiences.

McNerney's creative work has appeared on over 20 albums over the last 20 years. He is most known for his song-writing with what The Guardian calls the “dense, spaced-out atmospherics” of his main group Hexvessel, and his band Grave Pleasures, whose music Rolling Stone describes as “a shimmering, swirling blood pool of romantic gloom”. 

Signed  - Edition of 250 copies.