Trust Records Fanzine Volume 1

Trust Records Fanzine Volume 1




Trust Records


6 x 9 in

Trust Records was formed to give classic punk and hardcore records the home that they deserve. The great records of this genre sprung from DIY roots to influence millions of disaffected kids around the world. As we now move into the “streaming age” it’s crucial to keep their spirit and legacy alive. Their focus is to ensure this music is available for all future generations while also getting the story right

Volume 1 Contributors:

Steve Youth
Sam Velde
Shawn Yates
Sam Siegler
Verne Laird
Agni-Purana Das
Damian Abraham
Anthony Pappalardo
Jason M Peterson
Mike Gitter
Carlos Ramirez
Ben Merlis
Dan Johnson
Joe Nelson
Al Barile
Lou The Genius
Edward Colver
Mike Wiebe

Black and white saddle stitch zine, limited edition of 500.