Turquoise Days: The Weird World of Echo & the Bunnymen
Chris Adams Soft Skull

Turquoise Days: The Weird World of Echo & the Bunnymen




Soft Skull




8 x 0.8 x 8"

The complete story of iconic English post-punk band Echo and the Bunnymen from its founding in 1978, lavishly illustrated with numerous never-before-published photographs

Echo and the Bunnymen combine the rawness and venom of New York punk with the moody textures of groups like the Doors and the Velvet Underground. A major force in English post-punk, the band remains an enduring presence on the music scene thanks to Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant’s exceptional songwriting skills and irresistible hooks.
Turquoise Days covers the band’s entire career, from its inception in 1978 to the present. It documents in heady detail the forces that gave rise to the group, their early stumbles and successes, and the qualities that have kept them in the musical limelight.

This exhaustive critical history and biography is lavishly illustrated with 200 color and black-and-white photos, and includes the complete lyrics of Ian McCulloch and hundreds of quotes from the Bunnymen, their fans, and their critics.