Walk Among Us
Misfits Ruby Records

Walk Among Us

Track List

  1. 20 Eyes
  2. I Turned Into A Martian
  3. All Hell Breaks Loose
  4. Vampira
  5. Nike A Go Go
  6. Hate Breeders
  7. Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight? (Live)
  8. Night Of The Living Dead
  9. Skulls
  10. Violent World
  11. Devils Whorehouse
  12. Astro Zombies
  13. Braineaters


12" Vinyl

Release date



Ruby Records


12 oz
Walk Among Us is the debut album by the American punk rock band Misfits, released in March 1982 by Ruby Records and its parent label Slash Records. It was the first full-length album to be released by the band, although it was the third to be recorded, after Static Age and 12 Hits from Hell. All tracks are written by Glenn Danzig.