The Bible of Dark Culture
Wednesday Magazine Gingko Press

The Bible of Dark Culture



Release date

October 2023


Gingko Press


2.5 lbs


10" x 11.5"

Wednesday- A Magazine For Mortals: Being a Bible Of Dark Culture

A lavishly illustrated annual compendium of hitherto unpublished musings, spirited exchanges, provocative declarations, and carefully vetted accounts pertaining to the current milieu leavened with a modicum of fun for the welcome restoration of cheerful nonconformists and free-thinking aficionados enamored of Dark Culture.

280 pages featuring the Architecture of Brutalist churches, Artwork of Richard Butler, Tricky, Drab Majesty, and a feature on the Poetry of Cold Cave/Heartworm Press/The Daily Planet Bookstore.

Tricky and Alice Glass on covers.