God Blesses Us, Mother Dresses Us
Heartworm #43

God Blesses Us, Mother Dresses Us



Release date

November 2010

Release number

Heartworm #43


Heartworm Press


  1. Cocoa Cherubs
  2. Candy Cigarettes On Fire
  3. Love Theme From A Cannes Cafe
  4. Hawk Over The Highway From My Way To You
  5. Dreamscraper
  6. Advice To A Future Giallo Killer
  7. In The Palms Of God's Hands
  8. Love Theme From A Car Commercial
  9. I Don't Think I'll Miss The Beaches
  10. White Impatiens
  11. I Came Here By Broom
  12. Grrrl On A Bike
  13. Summer's Dead
  14. New Car
  15. Depressed Skull #2
  16. Rigid Hooker
  17. Doors Cover Door
  18. Acapulco
  19. Crawling Out Of The Hole
  20. Love On The Weekend
  21. Freedom Of A Junkie
  22. Life Mag
  23. Under The Eis Of Hell
  24. Twenty-One



Bedroom synthpop recording alias of Wesley Eisold pre Cold Cave.

Expanded CD reissue of the LP released by Art Fag Records in 2009.

"This 2006-2008 collection of twenty-four electronic bedroom recordings features previously unreleased songs as well as all tracks from the out of print LP and demo."