Your Funeral... My Trial (UK Import)
Nick Cave & the Bad See Goliath

Your Funeral... My Trial (UK Import)

Track List

  1. Sad Waters
  2. The Carny
  3. Your Funeral… My Trial
  4. Stranger Than Kindness
  5. Jack’s Shadow
  6. Hard On For Love
  7. She Fell Away
  8. Long Time Man


12" Vinyl


Your Funeral... My Trial is the fourth studio album by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, released on November 3, 1986 by Mute Records. During this period in his life, Cave was steeped in heroin addiction, perhaps evidenced by the melancholy, desperate mood of this album.

Cave later said, "That particular record, which is my favourite of the records we've done, is very special to me and a lot of amazing things happened, musically, in the studio. There are some songs on that record that as far as I'm concerned are just about perfect as we can get really- songs like "The Carny", "Your Funeral, My Trial", and "Stranger Than Kindness", I think are really quite brilliant."